About Upstate House Magazine

Our Readers Love Houses.describe the image

And they love living in the Hudson Valley. Upstate House magazine is the premier voice speaking to the character of living in the Hudson Valley. For those born and raised here, weekenders, and visitors, we unearth stories that take readers deeper into the richness of our unique region.

Our editorial brings the reader stories focused on the Hudson Valley they know and love. We have great articles about creative house design, accompanied by lots of great photos of clever renovations and unique houses. We offer smart advice about every aspect of owning a home, from choosing a realtor to getting a mortgage; through the renovation process; how to make a house truly a home, and make a community one’s own; and we offer insight into selling and moving, always told through the lens of sustainability and intelligence.

As always, Upstate House magazine brings our advertisers a passionate and committed readership who truly love houses and have a practical interest and ability to improve their own homes. Upstate House magazine speaks to readers in a voice they love. You can too.

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